Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All These Things..

Get your shirt Here. AND GET ONE FOR YOUR MOM! Duh

My Little Chili Fry
waking up to a plump baby never gets old. Carrying a plump baby gives backache. But it is all worth it.

More pictures from this post...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On My Mind: Fashion



Get out of all these picture: the colors, widths, textures, layers, weights and patterns paired together. it's love

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Year Old Husband

Sugar Bug

Happy 4 Months my babe.


We have been in the process of organizing our new little apartment. Random? Random move right? We have been looking for a cheaper place for sometime now. Finally, we found something that met our standards. Not as cute at our last house, but we will be defiantly saving a grip of wadded cash.. Aaa. No really!
During our move...
Zeke turned 4 months
Cooper had his birthday HAPPY 30TH MY DEAR!
I learned to knit (Finally)THANK YOU
I got inspired from this lady... Karen Barbè of Chile. K! I LOVE HER!
We have been on a "Perfect carseat hunt" once again (Zeke master has grown out of his, weight wise)
Zeke bee got his first immunizations :( he did really well, on a good note! He didn't fuss or cry until after the nurse left. On the other hand me, well, I was a mess on the inside. I never felt I could throw up from nerves. Don't worry I did not end up messing all over the room.
I have started a hunt of the perfect printed fabric to make pillows for the brown sectional on our front room. Ideas? Anyone?
I learned more about the Turkish culture.
Sold our Washer and Dryer :( crying moment.
Bought a tank top from Forever 21
Found the best Shape Makers for children. For Zeke bee. I like them a lot because the child uses all their imagination with making faces, shapes, or anything they want to.
Met my left side neighbor, who sells Matilda Jane Clothing. I would totally wear these in a size 10 or 12 for little girlies.
Bought a vintage necklace from the thrift store to re-use the beads to make a necklace.
Do you know of a cheap place to buy custom made rubber stamps? I have some art work I would like to make into rubber stamps. Less than $4 per square inch.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My family we were two now we are three

We have moved from out little house on the corner to a brand new place. No more worries about mold, watering, shoveling, raking, blah...
I feel oh so good.
Zeke babe really thinks we are weird.

On My Mind: Current Style

Shoes! I love them in the following first two pictures...

I love these! they are for little girlies


Miz Mooz ya!


Take a good Look

Now on to some eye candy for your home. Ps: we just moved into a better place and i am in love with it. I have found some inspiration to re-decorate our new place. I think it is time for a new change of decorations. It's been two years.. c'mon!

I am into bright colors.. I want the chairs, So! Badly.. chairty?

Front rooms


Frame Placement


Office/Work space