Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have this creative itch...
I accomplished making (my own interpretation) fabric Rosettes. Which are for sale at Flower Basket for a decent price.

Before the bobbies were on.


Accomplished making a simple baby quilt. Which I still need to post a picture.
Now... I want to make some bead work. For my the top of my wedding dress my cousin and I did the bead work and I bought way too many tubes of beads that I should use sometime soon, not like they will expire anytime soon, but my desire and ideas will. So, today I gathered colors and ideas for my quest. Hopefully soon I can start on these before mr.Zeke decides to arrive.

Goodnight Cooper, I hope you enjoy your bike ride tomorrow morning. XooX

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Really This Simple

Nothing better after a good night's rest and sitting a room full of fresh morning sunlight, open windows, last night's rain's cold breeze seeping it's way filling the room with it's fragrance; listening to Led Zeppelin with a mouth full of fridge cold yogurt and granola.
I really do believe in my own little theory... which is... how you treat yourself in the morning is how the rest of your day will go.
Did you know your are the most alert when you wake up? Use those brain cells well my darling.

We have 15 days till the time Zeke should come along. 15 Days!!! That is two weeks and a day, give and take a little if Zeke decides to be out of there sooner than later.

All I can imagine is it being a sunny MORNING, yes MORNING. Waking up. Getting ready and wa wa wallaa! He's ready, like a timer... DING! And Cooper calling work getting it all figured out on that end (non stressful) and preparing ourselves for a REAL colossal ride for the next couple of hours. Then, after I have gotten into my mind-set (hypno) calling Carolee (our documentary photographer) to head over. I'll sit into a warm bath that Coop has prepared with Lavender oil. (haa) Then after a few more Birthing Waves and a few snap shots later... into the car and off to the delivery room. And I am open to what ever may come while we are there.
BUT! as soon as Zeke is in our arms... that... that will be BLISS. Then I dont care if Utah decides to bring on a full snow storm or what every she is thinking of pulling these days.

Last Night

Our search for Pumpkins

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Full Term

37 weeks today. All I can think of is how thankful i am that Zeke is going to be a full term baby. I asked the Midwife what she thought on Zeke's weight as of now, her estimate...dun dun dun 7 lbs! I am not sure why I get super excited to hear that, 7 lovely pounds! So if he keep growing like he currently is he would be around 8 lbs... This is what the Midwife says. We will see. Wouldn't it be funny if I delivered a 9 lbs baby? ..haa..

Oh how I love this card.print by Sarah Jane Studios

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finds: For Chirstmas

Stand/Mount for iPhone 4

Cement Pearls Funny? They are actually pretty interesting. They will change colors with the exposure to the air and the oils of your skin. Perfect Christmas present.

Pixel Rug Portuguese Piodão Group... I like.

The Suitcase Chair

3D Shark

Kearney Black & Tan

Quirky Collective The Aviator Hood


Lightweight Pressed Powder

Rap Names 20.00 us

MOOR OWL fountain pen by STEFAN FINK read about it here

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Blanket

I have been searching and searching for weeks and maybe months on a perfect baby blanket. Either they were way over priced or the patterns were way off.
So i decided to create my own.
i though of crocheting one... no too long. Okay, buying a crochet one... too expensive. Well maybe knitting one... i need to learn to knit first. well what about a fleece one... ugly... well the days went rolling on. I worked on my crewel pillow , thought some more... and finally I went to the store today bought the batting and the fabric then went to Joann's sale and found a good linen for cheap. And it was created today, literally.

I'll have to take some pictures

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I must say... My to do list for this week

Baby Shower was a success Yesterday! Thank you all who came to share such a special moment with us and all those who contributed in the "making it happen" process.

Now... Apt. 202 is a place I must go check out sometime this week. Anyone?
Apt. 202
850 E. 900 South
Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 355-0228

Everyone should take a look at this place

This mascara I need to try out this week

Dior Mascara 'Diorshow'

I miss wearing all my Rings. Sundance

Delicato Ring Duo

Strip and wash nightstands this color

Sideboard with a history and a future

Rugs I should consider

Diamondback Dhurrie

Luria Rug

Fireside Stripe Dhurrie

Richardson Reeves Bed
Start thinking about investing in a long lasting bed. (rationalization to why we should get this bed) After all, we do spend 6-8 hours of our day here.

Fog Linen at Alder & Co
I have a feeling Zeke would appreciate this

Thursday, October 7, 2010

bla bla bla

This doll... is so ugly scary

Grateful for....
A Home
A Mom
A Dad
Mother in laws
Father in Laws
Pita Bread
My View of the Mountains from where we live
My Sister
My Brother
I am grateful for the beauty I tend not to see when I am busy or stressing, I am grateful that it never seems to leave and is there always for me to look at and feel.
Grateful for music
All Our Friends
Our Couch
Stinky kitchen... (i am just grateful that we have a kitchen)
My Health
I am grateful for the sun after a storm
My Belly.
I am not looking forward to not having a normal belly button, eeq!

People who can make something out of nothing
Beautiful voices (singing voices)
Our little wine cooler in the Office
All the wooden floors
Makita Drill set
I am so grateful i can walk up and down the street with out being harassed
Grateful that I can drink out of the tap and not get deadly sick
Grateful I am who I am, and where I came from.
K really is my belly button really going to look like this...?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Felt, Heart Felt...

I made these baby felt shoes for baby Zeke, so he can be stylish when he is sitting at home or at a public place. But, the more I look at them I see peter pan, or an orphan, even a munchkin from The Wizard of Oz. They were my first ones. I shall perfect my skills. I am so glad that the total cost for these were 1.00 - 1.75 maybe? Instead of 46.00 from a online site. The pattern came with out instructions... I had to improvise, so that could be why they look a little floppy and loppy lippy. The kind of felt could be the problem, not my craft Bolivian hands.

Saturday, October 2, 2010