Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I have been so over cooking dinner the past few nights. I am not sure why. Even though I know a hungry man will be at the door step every night around five... I still can't seem to be creative with all the food we have.
Seriously, Coop has been such a great cooking husband. He says his best meals come from his hunger pains while cooking. Some type of inspiration :) The past nights we have had the most amazing meals from Italian soup, Chicken Satay, Parmesan Chicken, somethings I can't just come up with let alone make up the recipe on the spot.

Oh yes... 8 More Days to GO


  1. Gotta love a man who can cook. I seriously don't think my family would eat if my husband didn't come through for us on a nightly basis.
    8 days?! Oh my gosh! It's all happening...

  2. I wonder how our mothers did it. I am coming to your wonderful celebration Zeke is coming on Sunday, i think.... :)