Monday, September 13, 2010

Cybex Callisto in Stone

After weeks and weeks and after asking around, talking, wondering, waiting, deciding, changing our minds.... we finally found our stroller we want. By the end of the second week of intense, frontal cortex drenching research I buckled down for coop and I and finally decided to settle on two choices instead of six. It is the Cybex Callisto in Stone. German Made, so you know this baby is going to last you sometime.
The Cybex stroller is a beauty! The regular stroller seat can recline, you can attach the car seat (which is going to be another struggle to get; fact being they don't sell in the US) and the carrycot all on the sexy beast (not at the same time, duh). Zeke, you are going to be rolling in luxury! WATCH the Cybex do it's thing Thank you to our friends in Germany and England who are going to make it possible to get this colossal of a stroller!

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