Friday, April 8, 2011


We finally got in from ID Tuesday night... and why haven't I posted?
My house was a plethora of junk and junk's junk
Zeke boy is so cute all i want to do it kiss him and hug him ALL DAY LONG

Idaho was great. The first day back Zeke fell into a depressed/cranky/sad/confused state. Withdraws from attention and meeting new people everyday being held and cuddled and kissed all the time. It has taken him this whole week to get use to being home and back to his napping schedule. I didnt mind at all, other than i just barely got to clean the house.
We went to the Boise Co-Op, which i would recommend while visiting Idaho. Organic, local, yum, adventures food. Before hitting the road for a long five hour drive back home we stopped to get some "treat drinks" as cooper would say, and some munching snacks. We got the Tiramasu cake along with some other treats. mmm tiramasu was sooo good. i wish i would have taken a picture. BUT, it was gone in less than 1 minute and my brain was in a comatose state filled with rich cream dreams. haa.


BFA Show at the Woodbury Art Museum

Tonight is opening night. Check out the Lotus Collection by Jessica Holmes

575 E University Pkwy # N250
Orem, UT 84097-7583
(801) 863-6200

I Love this BLOG
Want to learn to Embroider? Gosh i Love them DUDUA
Beautiful Art work here by Michelle Armas
AH, i think i fell in love again... for THIS mmmm.
When i want to feel inspired i click HERE. It is beauty...
Shirts, take them off. Put them back on. This is Cooper's stuff HERE

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