Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Minute...

...we decided to get away for the weekend to visit some family in Idaho. Random? Yes! Fun? Oh, yes! My brother in law left this morning for Idaho, and we had to tag along. On cooper's side, great grandma Birdie has not met baby z yet. Even more reason to pack up and drive the long 5 hours with an almost 5 month old.
Even though it might have taken us all day to get ready to leave we did it. We are barely passing Antelope Drive near Clearfield. Still 5 hours to go..
There are a couple of places that are a must to check out while in Boise

Guidos Pizza. Mmm. New York style. The atmosphere is a plus. This is one of the only times we carry cash.

Grape Escape a wine bar, oh they have the best Brie cheese with black currants dip. Water in my mouth!

And to keep you busy I have found an AMAZING blog! Once I bumped into it I immediately got inspired to use my new skill (knitting)
Wee Textiles for all those who have babies, you have to check it out

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