Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zeke's 7th MONTH

Zeke master flex.. hee. i call him that because his rolls on his arms look like muscles. this month he is 7 months old.

new hair

Here is the list
Kinda scooting
Sitting up by himself
Trying to stand up
Has mastered holding things
Drumming (a lot)
Eating more solids
Had a bath for the first time in the kitchen sink
First kinda sunburn, just a little pink from mom and her friends laying out at the park. he was in the shade.. but still
Can hold himself on all fours then does a Downward dog
Farts, and they stink
Gets excited to see Coop and Jess
Fell off the bed, but didn't get hurt. so lucky
Screams of Joy
Wants to grab everything shiny which is usually a door knob
Can hold himself up on his two feet, if you help him up
Laughs at most sounds
Swim lessons, went under water a few time now. Chokes every time

During the weekend we spent a day with my brother and sister in law along with their three kids for the last time, hopefully not. They are leaving on a three month soul searching outdoor food exploring adventure. They left Utah to make sure they aren't missing out on life some place else. pretty bold.

My favorite faces that Z made when he nursed or sucked on his binky

Home from the hospital

Some Pictures I never got to post until now from the birth...



I still cannot believe this was 7 months ago. ah my head hurts!

This beautiful blog
okay okay i am obsessed with these Marlbrough Lavender
Her Family is pretty much PERFECT

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