Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with the girls at the Trek Dirt Series in Park City. It was really humbling and forced me to have a positive attitude on the rides they took us, which were really intense hard. I grew as a person, defiantly. But also I learned years worth or techniques in just two days. Ya? Ya! I'm serious. I recommend this camp to all women who want to get serious and obviously, better at mountain biking. Here for more info on the women's series.

Photobucket Thanks Em for this picture. South Fork, Provo Canyon, UTAH

Let's see...

White denim
Tie dye
Lace up ankle boots
Acid jeans
Ombré hair

90's? Or am I the only one who thinks this???


Want to eat something delicious?! Quinoa Patties they are so divine

Projects i've currently been working on...

making my own stamps out of all the wine corks i have... they work out great. i wish i had a pictures... well, coming soon!

and making stamps out of silicon gaulking.... on to 1/8 inch plexi glass. these are still a work in progress. The gaulking is really hard to work with. I could just use 3d paint? OR foam.... like paint that turns a little foamy once it's dried... is there such thing?

and this lovely clutch i made for a friend's birthday...


also... i have decided to look for a new wedding ring, something that doesnt scratch the top later of skin off zeke's chubbiness. so Im thinking about these three...


$? I dont know where to find these

$120 This one is my all time favorite. I love it so much I could cry an ocean.

Laguna Beach, Diamond Street, Cove

Dad and Z.


  1. fuuuugh. i just deleted my comment! ugh.

    so, i pretty much said, love your zekey boy. he is a gem. and love your blog. and i want to go biking with you guys. and.... blah blah blah. lots and thoughts that i can no longer remember. BOOO!

    oh, the rings! yes, those rings you don't know where it's from? check byboe. they have darling items for such reasonable price. i think you will fall in love. :)

  2. i want to EAT that DELICIOUS BABY!!! oh my!! but maybe i should just stick to the quinoa patties...those look divine. Can we please get together one of these days...soon???