Thursday, October 7, 2010

bla bla bla

This doll... is so ugly scary

Grateful for....
A Home
A Mom
A Dad
Mother in laws
Father in Laws
Pita Bread
My View of the Mountains from where we live
My Sister
My Brother
I am grateful for the beauty I tend not to see when I am busy or stressing, I am grateful that it never seems to leave and is there always for me to look at and feel.
Grateful for music
All Our Friends
Our Couch
Stinky kitchen... (i am just grateful that we have a kitchen)
My Health
I am grateful for the sun after a storm
My Belly.
I am not looking forward to not having a normal belly button, eeq!

People who can make something out of nothing
Beautiful voices (singing voices)
Our little wine cooler in the Office
All the wooden floors
Makita Drill set
I am so grateful i can walk up and down the street with out being harassed
Grateful that I can drink out of the tap and not get deadly sick
Grateful I am who I am, and where I came from.
K really is my belly button really going to look like this...?

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