Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Really This Simple

Nothing better after a good night's rest and sitting a room full of fresh morning sunlight, open windows, last night's rain's cold breeze seeping it's way filling the room with it's fragrance; listening to Led Zeppelin with a mouth full of fridge cold yogurt and granola.
I really do believe in my own little theory... which is... how you treat yourself in the morning is how the rest of your day will go.
Did you know your are the most alert when you wake up? Use those brain cells well my darling.

We have 15 days till the time Zeke should come along. 15 Days!!! That is two weeks and a day, give and take a little if Zeke decides to be out of there sooner than later.

All I can imagine is it being a sunny MORNING, yes MORNING. Waking up. Getting ready and wa wa wallaa! He's ready, like a timer... DING! And Cooper calling work getting it all figured out on that end (non stressful) and preparing ourselves for a REAL colossal ride for the next couple of hours. Then, after I have gotten into my mind-set (hypno) calling Carolee (our documentary photographer) to head over. I'll sit into a warm bath that Coop has prepared with Lavender oil. (haa) Then after a few more Birthing Waves and a few snap shots later... into the car and off to the delivery room. And I am open to what ever may come while we are there.
BUT! as soon as Zeke is in our arms... that... that will be BLISS. Then I dont care if Utah decides to bring on a full snow storm or what every she is thinking of pulling these days.

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